Day One - Here we go!!

Today is April 15th, a day most of us know as the annual filing date for the previous years taxes, but not this year because we’ve got bigger problems to think about – right? Stimulus Check? When will my life get back to normal? And if anybody swears they know the answer – its BS!

Let me start by saying, thank you to everyone that liked our new business page Flex by Keng and have supported our new venture this far. Like many of you, we don’t know what the future holds, but we are truly grateful for the little (big) things these days, like spending more time with our families and maintaining our mental and physical health. Needless to say, we’re truly rethinking things and questioning if we’ll reach our 2nd year anniversary in business this fall.

I decided to dig in with Keng Enterprises here in Cincinnati, Ohio at a time when diversity of vision, initiatives and progressive thought for multicultural communities was being well received and thought, we can make a contribution in this lane and perhaps make a significant social, business and community impact. While I can assure you we haven’t given up, we are thinking – “Damn, this is unchartered territory and maybe its time to trim the fat.”

We’re also asking ourselves if this small business and lifestyle storm we are all being forced to adapt too, is just a challenge or if this is truly a sign of what our new normal looks like. They say challenges, many times - brings out the best or worst in us; I’m leaning toward the worst with my kids at home everyday (ijs - ha).

But seriously, we took the leap to open our new downtown office space called Flex last year, as a hybrid space. First and foremost, it was a space for Keng Enterprises to grow our team in a hyper local way, as well as our multicultural branding and marketing client business. Secondly, it was to support our clients in a unique way, and offer more to our partners with an in house working space for entrepreneurs with similar business synergies that we can support and help them cultivate their own brands. We also wanted to include consumers, in an active workshop that allows us to test, learn and understand behavior in a retail event environment as added value.

The vision was bigger than just finding another way to tell our story differently than other (multicultural) agencies; it was incubating entrepreneurial collaboration and more. From creating a safe place for conversations, meetings, creativity and production, through a physical space we call Flex; more importantly it was an introduction to who we really are and the team behind it, Flex by Keng Enterprises.

With your help (and if we’re lucky), we’ll still be here when this thing blows over – offering customized experiences and private events in this space for small to mid size groups, individuals and entrepreneurs, but who knows when that’ll be.

Today and to no surprise, we are shifting in the direction of more external sales and marketing partnerships; I also believe this is a clear opportunity for you to see us and hear our voices more. From telling our stories and introducing our own creativity, I believe this is a natural opportunity to utilize what we sought to share with others, now for our own brand identity, as we reintroduce Flex as a virtual retailer. Moving forward, you can expect to see Flex striving to earn trust as a boutique digital highway, for drop shipping packaging, fulfillment, original content and anything else we can think of to help us keep the lights on.

We hope you’ll take this journey with us and be patient as we shift our related platforms to coincide with this new direction as a direct to consumer partner for all or most things.

I want to thank you in advance for your thoughts, referrals, advance purchases and suggestions.


Arthur Kenard Killingsworth

Cashapp: $FlexbyKeng

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