How do you live in paradise? I’m sure there are many answers to this that I won’t attempt to answer this today. I will however, take a stab at the path of being a free and empowered thinker, which (to me) leads to living a fruitful life in paradise. First, let’s agree that paradise starts in your mind and demands committing to a particular habit or discipline.  This understanding, assuming that you’ve done due diligence of educating yourself and family, gaining experience, embraced being vulnerable and being yourself not matter what,  you develop (if you haven’t already) your own why.  Which starts with asking yourself questions like: Why am I doing this? Why do I want to do this?

These and many other questions get answered during an epiphany or during a journey of learning and understanding yourself.

Along that journey the inevitable “Me, myself and I” themes get addressed, including “Getting Paid or Doing it for the money”.  Most tenured professionals, entrepreneurs and perhaps the wealthy (because I’m not) all - at some point move beyond only “Getting Paid or Doing it for the money”, but all recognize it’s a course everyone must take and prioritize.

I remember in 2011 I had a great conversation with the owner of an exploding independent record label from San Francisco, CA.  It was the early years of the company and before they had became the industry leader of independent urban music distribution. Not only was he already close to 10 years in business before many knew who he was.  He shared with me over drinks, and on a separate occasion - He wasn’t doing it for the money and encouraged me - to not do things “for the money”, but that the money comes when you do what you love. Follow your heart, passion and be authentic, the rest will follow. Sure enough he was leading by example, because that label is the Bay areas own Empire records owned by Ghazi Shami.  His words rang true to me then and inspire me to this day, to do exactly that - even in the presence of a down season, keep your why and your paradise in mind.

Tapping into this space allows you to become one with your needs, shopping and supporting locally with those around you in the same space as. This results in the desire to give back and build up communities and relationships and proactively - without making it the responsibility of others.

And although my bank account would disagree, my faith says that I am on the path to paradise.

Thanks shopping and supporting locally.

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