More than Enough...

I remember when I was nine years I would say what I'd do "If I had a million dollars - I would..."  

Then go on to say, I would buy a big house, have an expensive car, eat really good food and travel far away. Not realizing then, I lacked money and had no experience with things that cost a lot of money. I had no clue what a budget would look like for any of this at age nine, but I'd keep wishing and dreaming - adding to the list; time to take care of my personal need to floss and maintain some level of fly. That would definitely be in the budget.  While I'm joking, I'm kind of serious - because my early misconceptions of money were strongly influenced by social currency instead of practicality and having a blueprint.

First - "If I had a million dollars - I would be able take care of everything I need (On-Time)".  We would have just enough to secure my family, support kids educations and business startups to position us perfectly for the rest of our lives.  

Second- "If I had a millions dollars - I would be rich and you can't tell me nothing." We're never going to run out of money, let's head to the car shop.


Third - "If I had a million dollars - I would need more than a million because thats not enough".  We would need considerably more funding.

If you're like me you didn't get it then, and you sometimes question, if you get it now (Ha - we got it though)!  My perception or value of money has definitely shifted from my Chicago youth, to later having to budget for a family.  I can recall being in each of these types scenario's within the last 20 years. But let's be clear it was never a million dollars to work with in real life.

I'm talking "If I had a thousand, five thousand..maybe!?!

Either way, whatever the amount - we've always had to work with less and we made it work. We made it work with what we had - and that is all we needed.   It didn't stop us from dreaming and being ambitious in our youth about how much we could do with so little.  Or how much little food went a long way? Or what Momma could do with nothing (i.e. Koolaid no sugar, Peanut Butter no jelly etc)?

Bottomline, we have enough and enough is all we need.




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