My top 10 questions from yesterday!

Questions / Answers I either asked myself or someone asked one way or another

10. What the heck is that? What else you got?

Thats real wood and those light up 👀


9. Ain’t today pay day? Can I get paid today?

(Checks empty Mailbox) / You ain’t did shit.


8. Did you ever think about?

I didn’t, that’s a great idea.


7. How much does that cost? Do we owe?

Damn thats a lot.


6. What do you want? / Do you feel better now?

I don’t know. 100%. 🥺


5. Do we have a deal? When do we start?Deal.

I get one and you get two. ASAP


4. Are you scared?

Be lying if I said I wasn’t, but I ain’t afraid.


3. Did that Stimulus check come yet? You get your stimulus?

You did. (Checks bank account - nope)


2. Is it finished yet? I’m finished - right?

Hell Nah - Does it looked finished #^*$@ ?


1. When you gone pay your rent?

Shit. Not today.


Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying to make sense out of the the stuff people say and the things you say to yourself.  “Joy and Pain...” - I always wondered how the writer of this song could pair two totally different emotions and use them interchangeably. It turns out, that Joy and Pain come from the same place. They’re no different - at all.

Thanks for reading - somethings happening.


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