Post Cinco De Mayo Self-care

A year from now we’ll learn what really changed the year 2020 like no other year. Last year, you were probably hung over the day after Cinco De Mayo, but today you were more balanced - right!?! You didn’t go too hard or at least you were able to recover in the confines of home, roll out of bed into the home office and make your zoom calls without feeling too bad. 

All - thanks to government “Stay At Home” orders; we get to rethink, over think and re-examine the silver lining of what our lives are truly about these days, whether that’s doing something different to make life better or simply complain about the circumstances we’re all dealing with.

I must say, the decreased spending, mainly because of decreased income as a small business owner, has been very beneficial and has made me re-evaluate everything I took for granted beforehand and charged it too. From “I deserve it” to “It’s-my lifestyle”.  SIKE - all excuses for not being disciplined no matter how you flip it - which includes taking care of ourselves and those we love everyday no matter what.  Besides the benefits and rewards during all this darkness rings so loud and true.

It’s clear to me, God is trying to get our attention and make no excuse, for what the world tells us is normal and go back to doing the same old things that were not healthy for our heart, mind, body and soul.

Self-care is the only care - take care of your mind, body and soul. And don’t forget to...


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