Say Less = Do more

PVM Baptist church will always be stamped in my memory.  I’ve always felt that growing up in church has given me creative license to talk and write about religion, traditionalism and culture like a front row journalist - simply because I was there for it all. From long winded messages, multiple services in a day / week, with lack luster participation, to the testimonies about what God had done in your life that week. My goodness where is the time keeper, the game is coming on in an hour 🤦🏽‍♂️

Yeah, I’m scarred from that too - not being able to watch my Bears play on Sundays because I was in Sunday school at 9a, Church at 11a then the Choirs musical at 4p.

Where was “Say Less” then, when there was no social media or freedom of context.

There was no two-communication or very little, if it wasn’t “Amen” or “Preach” then you need to schedule a meeting with “Pastor”.

Yes, “Pastor” the head honcho / the HNIC - could do whatever he wanted with no regard for duplication (no tape ministry) or context, because he had a walkie-talkie to heaven and Jesus was on speed dial.

“Say Less”, I wish Pastor could hear those words, selfishly to see more football games and to also demonstrate contextual learning that results in growing rapport with the audience. Perhaps this grows a segment of membership of young followers, that would be cheering you on because you were able to evolve.

I imagine most small to midsize churches during the Coronavirus pandemic did not shift to digital or zoom meetings, because they were so reliant on person to person. Not to mention it’s hard to evolve, adjust and embrace things that are new.

This reflection reminds me of all those years (8 - 18 years old) how much time we spent saying more in Church, but what did we do, really?

“Say Less”, an urban understanding or social response to indicate you have established what’s being talked about or discussed, indicating that the speaker can stop talking.  It can also be used in a fleeting manner (ie - social media), to describe you agree or you’re on the same page.

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