Your grass looks greener

I’m recalling the discussion many of us have had at one point or the other; and that’s whether you want to have kids or not have kids.  You’ve probably done the other comparisons too, being single versus being married, being rich like Michael Jordan or rich like Future. Be Enterprising and successful like Jay Z or like Mr. Jones that runs the local grocery store on the corner.

All of of these are pro’s vs. cons comparisons, or like Mom always said, the “grass always looks greener” on the other side.  Yesterday, us parents got the official word we are now full time parents, teachers, janitors and maybe we can fit some work in, when we’re done for the day at 10p.  

Whether this grass looks greener or not, we (parents) don’t have a choice we’ve got to figure it out.  It won’t be easy as we’re forced to find the silver lining.  I know our families look great from the outside and the thought of having multiples gives you the warm fuzzies. Now, I’m sure this grass doesn’t look as green as you once thought, because it’s not; although we will probably tell you that it is (except me) if you ask.  For all of you that have been going through your loud or subtle depression while you were alone at home this spring and the possible enjoyment of summer is now in sight !?! Your grass looks real green right about now.

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  • So much truth in this segment.

    • Chris Styles
  • The grass often does look greener. I’m consciously choosing to tend to my yard with care. It will be so beautiful I won’t want to look at anyone else’s. Enjoy the extra time to connect and reflect. Remember the times you said “I don’t feel like I have enough time to…”. Those days will be back before we know it!

    • Nakita Travis